Mattha Pandey alias Ramavtar, owner of the shop told that there's no more to the name than just a publicity gimmick to attract attention.He said that when he landed in Kanpur Around 60 years back,he had attended a speech of Mahatma Gandhi, where he called suger The White Poision his words put me in a dilemma, as being a follower of Gandhi, I wondered how I would prepare a laddu without suger? he reveals.So I decided to be true to my custmers and thus named my preparation “ Thaggu Ke Laddu”.

Will any one deal with a person, who calls himself a Thag? the Answer should be a big Nooooooooo....But that is not true in case of Kanpur's Famed “Thaggu Ke Laddu” where hundreds of people gather everyday satiate there tingling taste buds. This honest thag has gone on to place a hoarding which Reads....“Aisa Koi Saga Nahi, Jisko Humne Thaga Nahi ” (There is no relative remaning whom i have not cheated).